With this series, started in 2014, the orchestra addresses older people that no longer can experience a symphony orchestra on their own. These people that depend on care and daily support, whether in their own four walls or in a nursing home, are given the opportunity, in cooperation with care providers in the state capital Potsdam and the “Network Growing Older in Potsdam“, to hear a live symphony orchestra on a weekend day in spring and fall in the Babelsberg Bethlehem Hall.

With an intercultural, international and inter-institutional association between German and Brazilian musicians and cultural institutions that is unique in Germany, the “Brandenburg-Brazil“ project promotes intensive cultural exchanges between Brazil and the federal state of Brandenburg. Numerous Brazilian orchestra musicians, soloists and guest conductors have been welcomed in Potsdam and other cities of Brandenburg and return to their home country as ambassadors of a lively, modern Potsdam that is rich in culture. In addition, it was possible to premiere Gisbert Näther's concerto for trumpet and orchestra in Campinas (Brazil) and to send orchestra musicians to participate in concerts in Brazil.

When “Classical Music on Weberplatz" took place for the first time in 2009 under the motto “Tango sinfónico“, nobody could predict that the response of the audience would be so positive. A symphonic open air event at free entrance that expressly does not follow a unified approach, but changes every year and pushes the boundaries into classical crossover, was not something that Potsdam had witnessed before. Meanwhile we enjoy a faithful audience of 1,500 to 2,000 people that appreciate this concept and year after year go on a new musical journey with us, from “Gitarrissimo“ and “Saxnight“ to “Brazilian Night“ and “To The Stars“. You can find out more about “Classical Music on Weberplatz“ at www.klassik-am-weberplatz.de

The work with young people of the Collegium musicum Potsdam symphony orchestra includes cooperation with music schools, general schools and Kindergartens as well as concerts for children and adolescents. The series “Rehearsals with School Classes“ has met with great popularity. In this series, students have the opportunity to sit among the orchestra musicians during a rehearsal in order to witness the work of an orchestra from the centre.