Remembrance and Farewell - symphony concert in November

Works of remembrance, inner reflection and farewell are on the programme of two symphony concerts on November 14 and 15, performed by the Collegium musicum Potsdam symphony orchestra. For the first time in Potsdam, Wojciech Kilar's "Requiem Father Kolbe" will be heard , a minimalistic work dedicated entirely to the sound.

Gabriele Näther

Sopranoist Gabriele Näther, who has performed as a guest of the Collegium musicum multiple times, will interprete Gustav Mahler's "Rückert Songs" and also take on the role of soprano soloist in Gabriel Fauré's requiem.

The concerts will take place on November 14, 2015 at 7:30 PM in Herz Jesu church, Berlin Zehlendorf, and on November 15, 2015 at 4:00 PM in Frederic church, Potsdam Babelsberg. Tickets are on sale at the MAZ ticket outlets and in the church offices of the two congregations (Schulstr. 8c, Potsdam Babelsberg and
Riemeisterstr. 2, Berlin Zehlendorf).





Spooky concert in Biosphäre

On the evening and night of October 10, 2015, around 750 guests attended the spooky concerts of the Collegium musicum Potsdam symphony orchestra. Loud cries from the staircase to the tropical garden, sinister characters in the tropical garden and - after surviving the spooky entrance - a literary concert with stories by Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe provided equal portions of joy and shuddering. 


Actress Bettina Mahr captivated the audiences with her reading of the scary stories, and the orchestra, under the direction of its premier guest conductor Parcival Módolo, performed music from classical horror films such as Psycho, Halloween, Dracula and Jaws.

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CMP needs a grand

donationAt its symphony concert on April 19, 2008, the Collegium musicum Potsdam symphony orchestra launched a fundraising drive under the motto "CMP needs a grand". Since a concert grand piano is becoming increasingly important for the orchestra’s rehearsals and concerts, donations will be collected for a time to help with the acquisition of this special (orchestra) instrument for the orchestra’s inventory. 250 Euros were collected on the first day already -– an excellent start. The donations currently amount to: 6446.27.

A heartfelt thank you to all donors!


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