Between dream music and "click"

The Collegium musicum Potsdam symphony orchestra resumed its work after this year's summer break in an unusual way: At the end of the summer holidyas, the orchestra's string section found itself surrounded by microphones. If the question is sometimes whether the musicians follow the condcutor or is it the other way round, the answer was clear this time, because artistic director Knut Andreas was himself subjected to "clicks“ delivered via headphones that provided him with the music's beat. To this, the orchestra played a dream-like, partly mystically dark, partly serene music that often resembeld film music à la Hans Zimmer or from the movie "Amélie“.


Silence - The Whispered World 2

With high concentration, the musicians recorded music for  the computer game "Silence – The Wispered World 2“ on several evenings. The first edition of  "Whispered World“ earned its award-winning Hamburg developper Daedalic, producer of entertainment software with a strong narrative character, much success. The second edition is scheduled to be released in early 2015 for PC and Mac.

Tilo Alpermann, the sound engineer of the recording session, also composed a large part of the music and showed himself impressed by the professionality with which the orchestra musicians mastered the task.

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"To the Stars" in Studio 4

"To the Stars" was the motto of "Classical Music on Weberplatz" this year, which needed to move from  Weberplatz to studio 4 of the Babelsberg film studios due to rain. We thank all partners and supporters of this special concert series and the film studios in particular for their speedy assistance.


Star Trek Fans mit Dirigent Knut Andreas

Galacitic film music and Gustav Holst's "Planets" were played this year by the expansively staffed Collegium musicum Potsdam symphony orchestra. Some fans of the great science fiction series and films even came in uniforms (see photo) to the delight of audience and musicians.

In fall, the Collegium musicum Potsdam symphony orchestra can be heard again, this time in the Nikolaisaal in Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana", together with the Potsdam Singakademie.

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CMP needs a grand

donationAt its symphony concert on April 19, 2008, the Collegium musicum Potsdam symphony orchestra launched a fundraising drive under the motto "CMP needs a grand". Since a concert grand piano is becoming increasingly important for the orchestra’s rehearsals and concerts, donations will be collected for a time to help with the acquisition of this special (orchestra) instrument for the orchestra’s inventory. 250 Euros were collected on the first day already -– an excellent start. The donations currently amount to: 6108.23.

A heartfelt thank you to all donors!


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